Variety is the spice of life

What a busy half term we’ve had!

We didn’t get many days out on the grass, but the ones we did get ended up being long, lazy days in the glorious sunshine, chomping down on cucumber when we needed to cool off. We had a day of rain, like pouring down, ‘I’m going to get washed away’ kind of rain, a few days of spitter spatter, ‘is it really worth it’ kind of rain, and a good few days of noisy whirling wind – I didn’t even bother poking my head out of the hay on those days! 

The weather was a bit like the variety of piggies we’ve had in too: a few lovely long haired, sunshine coloured piggies, a short tufty haired rain coloured piggy, a brown muddy coloured piggy, a few speckled piggies, a few silky smooth piggies, but all of them are my firm friends now.

The best bit of half term, and I mean the very best bit is that I now have a new forever piggy friend, living with me, in my cage, forever, like really forever and ever and ever!

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