Where are you based?

We are in North Shields, just near North Tyneside General Hospital.


Can I come have a look before booking a holiday?

Absolutely, we encourage owners to come look around and ask as many questions as you’d like. We want you to be as comfortable as possible when you leave your piggies with us.


Can I pop in whenever you're open?

No, we are appointment only. Our opening times are a general guide to when we're available but please don't turn up without an arranged appointment as we will most likely be busy with other customers and piggies 🙂


My guinea pig needs regular medication, is this ok?

Yes, we’re happy to administer medications. We do request that you get in touch and discuss the requirements when booking a holiday.


Do I need to bring my guinea pigs’ cage?

No, all our accommodation is built in. You just need to choose the size of cage you’d like from our price list and get in touch to make a booking.


Will my guinea pigs play with other guinea pigs?

No, holiday boarders will remain separate from each other at all times. Bonded pairs and groups will live together as booked.


Do you board rabbits?

No, we specialise solely in guinea pig care. We do have a list of recommended rabbit boarders – please feel free to get in touch for more details.

What happens if my guinea pig needs to see a vet while they’re on holiday?

At the first sign of illness we will take your piggy to our vet and contact you afterwards to inform you of the situation. Should any decisions such as operations or euthanasia be required we will attempt to contact you but will ultimately go with the vet’s recommendation if we can’t reach you in time.


How do I pay vet bills when I’m on holiday?

All vet charges will be paid by ourselves at the time of treatment. Upon collection of your pet you will receive an invoice from ourselves detailing the veterinary charges, including our own charges for transport and medical care as necessary – this must be paid on collection of your pet; all your charges are calculated on a case by case basis to allow for individual needs. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.


Do my guinea pigs need any vaccinations before coming on holiday?

No, there are currently no vaccinations available for guinea pigs.


Can you rehome my guinea pig?

No, we do not rescue guinea pigs directly. If you’d like to surrender a pet, we recommend contacting a rescue centre: Gerties's Lonely Guinea Pig Rescue or Tees Valley Guinea Pig Rescue.