January Round Up

Lots of piggies have been to visit us in January, they came in their droves, err I mean pairs, and trios for pampering. January has certainly been a pampering month for us again!

First here was a lovely trio of friends aptly named Monica, Phoebe & Rachel. Rachel had flowing locks that she kept flicking around, she obviously knows that she’s booootyful! They had a quick nail trim and were on their way. Next up was Chuck Norris for a nail trim and a health check.

Then came Pixie & Poppy for their regular spa day, so nail trims, haircuts and a lovely bubble bath for them both so they went home smelling lovely…but, in my opinion, they smelt lovely when they came in anyway.

Chester & Nevis and Popcorn & Snuggles came for a double day of pampering – not a double date or anything, just the four of them having a pamper day on the same day – four in one day, now that was fun!

Ed and Teddy, or are they Eddy and Ted rounded off January for pampering sessions with a bath and a nail trim.

There’s been a few holidays too with Rory eating us out of house and home…he does like his food, which is lovely to see, although I wouldn’t have minded him sharing with me.

Mary, Mathilda and Max came for another holiday, they settled in quickly – they’re used to coming here now!

That’s all the news from January,

Hilton x