Piggy friends :)

It’s been all go here just lately, lots of piggy friends have been to see me 😀

First up was Comet and Blitzen, and Lady Rose Blossom and Jeremy, closely followed by Dexter, Wilbur, Branston and Pickle.

Pip, Holly and Willow came for a pampering so they didn’t get a gallery, but they do feature in the ‘before and after’ gallery here!

Benji, Molly and Daisy arrived next for a holiday, so I’ve been busy catching up with all their goings on, hearing about the benefits of having two sow forever friends…but Poppy wont hear any more about that 😮

Rosie and Daisy have been for their very first holiday with us and do have a gallery. They were on their best behaviour whilst here and fitted in very well, with the rest of us, squeaking at meal times and for extra cuddles 🙂

Penny, Samson and Rocket are here on their hols at the moment…they had a few days to settle in and get used to all the noises here, but now they are making more noise than any of us when the food bowls are rattled!

I do love my piggy friends!

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