Sunny sunny days!

Phew! All this sunshine is making me dizzy!

It’s been sunny here for a few days now, so it’s been outdoor play with plenty of grass time for everyone. Lots of cucumber and melon to keep us all cool too 😀

But the very best thing about all this sunshine is that we have a new door, well not a proper door – we have one of those already! We have an extra see-through door that lets the breeze in, but keeps all the flies and wasps out, how good is that!

It also means I can keep a watchful eye on absolutely everything that’s going on outside. Something that I love to do, not to be nosey, just to be informed so that I can keep all the other piggies up to date! I give them a countdown as to when we are going out, that sort of thing 😁

I only hope this one lasts longer than the other one did, although it does seem a little sturdier (Grandma says it should be for the price!). So as long as no one walks into it and puts a hole in the netting, we should be okay. I’m not mentioning any names but it was only two legs, not four paws, that went through the last one…

Have to dash now, as I can see that we are going out for some grass time! 

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