Oh my! Ive been so busy having a good time that I totally forgot that I promised to tell you about all the piggies! They’ve all returned home now so I’ve plenty of time to write, because I only have Poppy to talk to now.

They all settled in really well. I find that a little bit of fruit and veg always helps me to settle 😛

Theodore had his hair washed and cut. It started out very long, (with a few tats underneath) but ended up with the tats all gone and a short, sleek cut to keep it off the floor. My grandma says that he loves having a bath so much that he starts to pop corn at the most inappropriate moments, but I think that just adds to the fun for them all 😀

Herman came for his first holiday. He’s such a friendly pig, constantly looking around for me to squeak with and he loves parsley too, so I think he may become my best friend, after Poppy of course.. Unfortunately he’s had to go home now but has promised to return soon.

Mmmmm! I smell readigrass, must be elevenses 😀

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