Pamper Packages and Spa Weekends

Boobo has now gone home after having a health check, nail trim, mite treatment and hair cut and washed, otherwise known as a spa weekend. He looked lovely when he left and showed no signs of worry in his health check 🙂

Jasper and Jenny came for a pamper package and behaved very well whilst they had their nails trimmed and hair trimmed 🙂

Hector and Fifi are back for their hols. I really enjoy them staying as I have Hector to squeal to and Poppy enjoys squeaking and squealing with Fifi 🙂

The outdoor piggies have come inside for winter again, I didn’t realise it was a yearly thing… Dexter is very assertive or I like to say bossy and Blackie and Pip argue constantly, I think they both want to be boss 😯

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