Forever and ever!

I know you’ll all be dying to hear about my new friend so I’ll just tell you a little bit about her.

Her name is Martha. She said she won it in some type of competition…sounds very strange to me, fancy having to win your name! She’s small, I mean really small, I have to be so careful where I’m walking so that I don’t squish her. She’s so tiny that when I flopped down in the hay, I almost squashed her flat because I didn’t see her 😲

She’s so young that she just wants to play chase all the time because all she does is run away when I try to lick her ears and nuzzle her and chirrup to her…I’m not sure she appreciates my talents just yet, but I’m sure she’ll get to love me! At tea time when I went to tell her food had arrived, she jumped up and ran away…but I don’t play chase when food is on offer, so she soon stopped and joined me at the dish to enjoy our food together  😊

After tea, she didn’t want to snuggle up with me but I laid down, carefully, and edged my way across to her; I don’t think she noticed because she stayed there, lying next to me!

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