The day when you drop off your guinea pigs is day 1. All fees are calculated from this day until the day of collection inclusively.

A £10.00 deposit for each cabin/cage (non-refundable) will secure your piggies accommodation - please note we can only hold a temporary booking for 2 days if we don't receive a deposit. Any bookings of more than 3 weeks or one we consider to be a large booking will require a £50.00 deposit. If you have previously cancelled a holiday with us on short notice then we will also request a £50.00 deposit if you wish to book again. Deposits can be paid with Paypal or debit/credit card using the button to the right. Please do not pay a deposit without checking availability first as they are non-refundable.

The remaining balance must be paid on the day of arrival in cash or Debit/Credit card. If you would like to pay via bank transfer, please get in touch before your arrival date. We reserve the right to cancel bookings at our discretion.

Guests must supply their own nuggets to ensure diet continuity. A variety of fresh vegetables and hay will be provided daily, fruit twice a week, and are included in the above costs.

Please feel free to bring any igloos or toys that your guinea pig likes; this helps the guinea pigs feel more at home.

 Cabin Size No. of Piggies   Daily Rate   1 Week   2 Weeks 
 4ft 1 £7 £49 £98
 4ft 2 £8 £56 £112
 5ft 2 £9 £63 £126
 5ft 3 £10 £70 £140
 6ft 3 £11 £77 £154
 6ft 4 £12 £84 £168
 8ft 4 £13 £91 £182
 8ft 5 £14 £98 £196
 10ft 5 £15 £105 £210
 10ft 6 £16 £112 £224
 10ft 7 £17 £119 £238
 10ft 8 £18 £126 £252


During winter, a charge of £10 per week will apply to contribute to heating costs.

Last updated: 1st October 2022