The Second Wave

The second wave of piggies has arrived for their summer holidays.

Thorn, Willow, Bramble, Pixie & Miep have taken up residence in the 10ft for their hols. Miep is still creeping up behind them and having a nibble and every so often we hear a little squeal, I think I’m going to have to have squeaks with that young lady!

It’s so good to squeak with Bailey and Mono again, I love having lots of boars around, but then again, Poppy loves seeing the delightful Thomasina & Emily too 🙂

Fluffy & Cole are making themselves heard, always squeaking the loudest demanding to be fed first…I’m pretty sure my forever mummy feeds them last as she loves the sound of their little squeaks, but she’s not thinking about me at all – I have to put up with the noise all the time!

Smudge & Sparkle are on their first holiday with us, and they’re treating the place just like home, leaving their poops everywhere and lazing around in the hay…little piggies after my own heart!

Mali & Bambi and Jaffa & Cake are coming up to the end of their holidays, but they say they’ve had a lovely time in the long grass and enjoyed making tunnels in the hay 🙂

Twinkle & Sparkle have been here and gone home. They enjoyed eating the dandelions while the sun shone and enjoyed hand-picked grass on the rainy days, so all in all a good holiday I think!

Now it’s time for my afternoon nap!

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  1. Julie says:

    Ha ha they love there food fluffy and cole xx

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