Busy Easter holidays!

We’ve been really, really busy here over the past few weeks with lots of piggies coming and going; it’s been lovely having them all to squeak to

Coco, Holly and Ben came for a short weekend break. They were very well behaved and didn’t make too much noise either, just a good chorus of squeals at mealtimes so I think I’d like them to come back as it’s nice to have a fellow boar to get along with.

Dandelion and Nibbles came back for their annual holiday, a long one of two weeks so we had plenty of time to catch up. They slept in the unheated section so I had to squeak rather loudly but they heard me okay and replied, no doubt my forever mummy wondered what was going on!

A few days later the guinea pig house was changed into a beauty parlour, with Theodore visiting for two weeks and needing a bath, hair trim, nails cut and a health check, along with Sooty and Sweep returning for a holiday and nail trims. I managed to warn Theo about what was going to happen to him so I think he wriggled about so much that it won’t be happening again anytime soon!

Then Pip came for a week and Blossom too who just left yesterday, so you see I’ve had lots of piggies to see and I’ve made lots of new friends… I love Easter holidays

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