Little trip…

This week just keeps getting better and better because I’m going to get a GIRLFRIEND, yes I’m going to have a sow of my very own, right here in my forever home, to love and look after, to play with, to squeak with, to share my food with…oh no! … I do hope she doesn’t like parsley 😛

Apparently I have to visit the Vet before I can have a sow, to check that I’m all well and healthy I think, so I’m going there this week with a batch of other boars who all want a sow as well. Maybe the Vet has a stash of sows in her back room and we get given one as we leave… if it means I can have a sow for company then I don’t mind having to go to the Vets.

So I’m having lunch and then I’ll be off…wish me luck…


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