Big piggies, little piggies and piggies in-between!

First to arrive were Bernard and Edmund. They are beautiful piggies, one shorthaired and one longhaired, and no matter how much Bernard was brushed, one shake and he was as scruffy as ever!

They also had a tray of grass to hide in/eat which looked like good fun so I’ve requested one too…it might be more fun that my hay loft 😉

Then Billy and Ginger arrived. I know that it’s not nice to say this but… Billy is huge! He weighs just a little bit less than the biggest guinea pig ever…how he doesn’t sit on and squash poor Ginger I’ll never know, but size aside he’s a lovely piggy and has lovely manners too, because he always let Ginger eat first before he bounds in. Billy loves his cuddle too, he’ll sit there quite happily while my mummy made a fuss over him.

Ginger in comparison to Billy is tiny, but in fact I think she is normal size for a piggy. She too has a lovely temperament and loves to run around…maybe that’s why she’s slimmer than Billy?

They’ve all gone home now so it’s a little quiet around here but all that will change in a few days with our next influx of holiday guests 🙂

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