Summer continues…

Summer continues and so does the arrival of guinea pigs!

Bella & Toni are back for their summer holiday. They’ve settled in quickly, tucking into their veggies and enjoying the grass and dandelion patch, which is still going strong. Hettie has arrived for her holidays, bringing along her new friend Rattie. He seems very nice, doesn’t squeak too loudly and is considerate enough to leave some dandelion leaves for the rest of us. Hettie seems to like him a lot 🙂

Led arrived for her holidays with her new friend, Berty. They get on really well together and Led takes her medicine for her breathing problem very well; no squirming, or wriggling, just straight down the hatch because she knows it’s doing her good  😀

Donald arrived for his first holiday with us a few days ago. He enjoys laying in the hay but doesn’t eat much, so I’ve offered to help him with his corn on the cob, as it’s far too big for such a teeny piggy in my opinion!!

Teddy & Popcorn are also here for their first holiday with us! They’re making my forever mummy work very hard at getting a photo of them as they are so fast. I’ve told them time and time again, that this is their holiday and they should relax in the hay and save all the running around for when they get home, but they just don’t listen to me! Poppy say’s it’s because they are young and full of energy, unlike us… I’m not THAT old, I can still run around, but I choose not to, there is a difference!

Flo & Clove and Gingersnap & Cupcake have been and gone. They made the most of their holiday and had pampering too, I do like squeaking with them when they visit 🙂 Blackjack & Oreo and Carrot & Coco are due to go home tomorrow, so it’s the last midnight feast for us tonight, of spinach, corn on the cob, and finished off with nuggets!



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