The guinea pig house is filling up nicely for the summer holidays. It’s lovely to see the return of old friends and make some new ones already

Charlie, Jessica & Sophie are the most adorable trio. They get on sooo well together, laying in the hay together, hiding in the big igloo together, eating vegetables together. It’s adorable and yet again I’m left thinking that it might not be a bad idea to make our little duo into a trio, so any ideas on convincing Poppy will be greatly received.

Another newbie family of piggies is Patch & Jamjack. They are so new to us that they took a while to settle into our hustle and bustle, but now they are first at their dish for veggies in the morning and come out for cuddles just like the rest. They haven’t been outside on the grass as yet, as they were very shy and then it was raining the next few days so they had indoor play instead, but I’m sure they’ll get out eventually as they’re here for a while

Ollie & Brownie have been and gone already, but they were just their usual laid back selves. Virgil & Midge have been and gone too, so it felt like Summer started very early this year!

Bella & Toni, Snuggles, Fudge & Coco are back for their Summer hols. I can’t believe how much they’ve all grown since the last time. Poppy said it’s not a nice thing to say to sows, but boy, their bums do look big!

Sponge and Chip & Sylvester have returned too, so it’s not all sows and I do have some company to squeak to on an evening when the lights go out!

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