Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

I’ve been enjoying myself so much with all the new arrivals that I’ve been far too busy to remember to write a blog, but the first arrivals have been and gone home now so I thought I’d better catch up a bit… it’s a little too sunny outside anyway so I don’t mind 😉

My friends Pip and Chester have come back for their holidays. They are such a lovely pair, with such lovely colouring my Grandma says… but they are so quiet. They don’t make a fuss at meal times at all; they just sit and wait patiently until food is given to them. Whereas Fudge and Coco squeaked as soon as they heard the packets rustle, so much so that it turned into a competition to see who could make the most noise. The piggies that made the most noise got fed quickest you see…Grandma’s wrapped right round our little paws!

Toby and Barney were very mischievous whilst grandma was trying to take photos; they just wouldn’t stand still long enough! They had lots of fun whilst they were here and joined in the squeaking competition too, in fact I think they won on more than one occasion 😛

Lily, Oliver and Winnie are a lovely group of three. They had brilliant appetites and would try anything…even the mango, so they went straight into my forever mummy’s good books for their holiday. Unfortunately no one else enjoyed the mango at all so we left it in our dishes!

Toby & Barney and Lily, Oliver & Winnie and Fudge and Coco have gone home now so it’s considerably quieter around here at meal times!

Coco is a lovely short haired boar, unfortunately he didn’t win the competition but that didn’t stop him having a good try 😀

So there you have a quick catch up on the goings on in the guinea pig house for the last few weeks 🙂

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