In and Out

We’ve had a steady flow of piggies in and out of the house over the last few weeks but the ones I’ll remember the most is a lovely pair of boars called Chip and Ginger, when they were put into their cage they start to popcorn straight away. Their slave said they’d never had carpet before so probably felt like they were in heaven! To be honest they haven’t really stopped; every time they go back into their cage they popcorn all over again, I’m quite tired just watching them!

We’ve had an influx of babies come to stay too, they look adorable but, and it’s a big but…they are so noisy! I’ve never heard anything like it, squeaking for breakfast, squeaking for snacks, squeaking for tea, squeaking for nuggets, squeaking for grass time, and just squeaking for the sake of it. I thought Bluebell and Martha were loud, but all these new babies definitely take the nuggets for sure!

Have to catch some sleep now as the squeaking has finally stopped for a bit 😴