Windy Days…

Winter here!

We are having such an interesting month here in the guinea pig house. No one has been allowed outside to eat grass this week as the wind has been very windy according to Hilton…what on earth does he expect it’s the wind, of course it’s windy!

Reggie & Ron and Sid & Rodney have been for their holidays and totally confused me, I ended up calling Sid, Sidney and Rodney, Rod and Reggie Reg and Ron, Ronnie, so you can imagine the confusion when I had to call them all for tea 😝

Betty and Joan have been in the corner with Ruby doing yoga poses all week, well they have moved for food, but it certainly seemed like all week.

Minnie & Molly, and Star, Penny & Skye also joined in with the yoga, not because they wanted to, but because Ruby just didn’t stop nagging them!

I’ve been keeping Marlon company because he’s recently lost his friend and needed someone to squeak with, so I obliged obviously as there’s nothing I like better than a good squeak. I told him all about Ollie turning up for his holidays with the young whippersnapper Violet, after losing his beloved Brownie. I think Marlon is quite interested in the idea and has gone home to try and make his house big enough for a girlfriend of his own.

Foggy & Sprout came on their very first holiday with us. Foggy was a little shy to begin with and Sprout was just all about the food, as long as he had food then he was happy, a lot like our very own Summer 😉

That’s the low-down of what’s been happening here so far this month, squeak to you again next month!

Winter xx