Cheeky Chappies

Denzil and Vincent were the first pair to arrive, and what a pair they were.

Vincent was a little shy to begin with, but it wasn’t long before he settled in and enjoyed time in the run. Denzil on the otherhand was very confident from the start. He chewed the bars, the plastic dishes, the floor, everything except the chew toys he brought!

My forever mummy put in a huge green chew block for him, a string of wooded blocks and a hay rack full of hay to keep him busy but he just didn’t want to know 😉

They both ran around in the run so fast that grandma’s photos were mostly blurred but she got a few nice ones, so check out the gallery and have a look, they really are beautiful pigs.

They’ve gone home now but I thoroughly enjoyed my week with two lovely boars to talk to… I do hope they come again 🙂

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