More holiday arrivals and more rain!

We’ve had two beautiful solo sows arrive for their holidays, Pepper and Lola. Lola is the quietest of the two and likes to sleep a lot, and I mean a lot!  Pepper likes to hide in the hay, eat in the hay and sleep in the hay 🙂

Scarper is another new arrival, he likes to scarper around the place but manages to stay still long enough to eat his veg. Mali & Bambi have settled into the 8ft very quickly; they’re enjoying all the space to run around in and they especially love the strawberry snuggle to cuddle into.

Gingersnap & Cupcake are loving all the hay they get in the 6ft, they are getting very good at tunnelling and playing hide and seek in it.

Timothy & Little Guy are back for their summer holiday, only they’re not so little now!  Spice & Rocket have enjoyed keeping the grass down and chomping on the dandelions, so no wonder they’re not as little as they used to be either. Why do all these babies have to grow up? They are bigger than me now!

Caramel & Fudge and Chip & Sly are nearing the end of their holidays with us. It’s been a wet one, so lots of indoor play and eating going on, but on the whole I think they’ve had a good time 🙂

I’ve had a great time too squeaking and squealing with them all, I love a good catch up. I’ll just finish this parsley first and then I’ll go and welcome in the new arrivals.

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