Well, I think we can finally say that summer has well and truly arrived!!!

The last few days have been spent in a blur of grass eating, sun bathing, and then cooling off next to the fan and eating cucumber. We’ve all adjusted very well to our new routine, even Poppy who still doesn’t really enjoy getting grass between her paws much.

The summer holiday piggies have been arriving over the past few days too, but unfortunately the hay hasn’t, and I don’t like to share, well, only with my Poppy 😀

The temperature is so high today that we are staying in the guinea pig house again, as my forever mummy says that it’s far too hot for piggies to be outside and we’ll be better off in the cool guinea pig house with the fan on, however it doesn’t seem too hot for my forever grandma though, she sits outside in it quite happily!

I must say though, I’m getting quite used to our evening wanderings, it is so pleasant going out at 6 o clock as it’s still so warm but not bright sunshine, and with all the grass it’s like a second tea time  🙂

It must be the heat, but I feel I need a nap already, byyyeee!

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P.S. I’ve just checked on the hay situation and all is well, so no need to panic just yet!

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