All good fun!

I’ve had a fabulous week getting all the attention due to my visit to the vets. I was the first to be fed, first for cuddles, extra bit of parsley, the list goes on, so I’d recommend a vet visit to any piggy looking for that extra bit of fussing, it really does go a long way 

My forever mummy’s nephew came round to see me, I think they all thought I was a gonner…I’m really good at this acting, I played my part to perfection until the vet said I was fine and can go back out to play, that kind of ruined the whole charade, but it was good while it lasted 

We’ve been very busy around here with piggies coming and going over the past week. Unfortunately this week has been just too hot to stay out to play for long though, so we’ve had alot of to-ing and fro-ing to the guinea pig house everyday, but it’s all good fun and the piggies seemed to enjoy it…I’m not sure my forever mummy did though, as she was looking quite hot by the end of it all!


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