A few more guests!

More piggies arrived during half term – I was asleep in the hay so didn’t even realise they were here until I saw my forever mummy getting more food dishes out. At first, I got very excited because I thought we were getting extra veg, but alas it was for the new holiday piggies!

Bernard & Polga brought along their new friends Pammy and Leia – they’re both gorgeous additions to their lovely group! I snuck in a picture for the blog so you can go ogle them 😀 Gingersnap & Cupcake came for a short break and lots and lots of pampering. My goodness, we could make a carpet with all their hair…I’m quite jealous  😉

Not forgetting Daisy, Pixie & Poppy, who came to rival Gingersnap & Cupcakes amount of hair with their pampering. So all in all a busy week was had here! I’m very much looking forward to a lazy few days ahead!

Bye for now!



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