What a fantastic day!

Oh Wow! What a great start to my foster life!
I’ve spent my first night in the fabulous indoor hutches; woweeee! what a place, plenty of space, no nasty drafts, plenty of fresh food, plenty of company, yes, just plenty of everything… including best of all PLENTY of new piggy friends!!!

They arrived today just before lunch, I remember because I had parsley; my FAVOURITE thing to eat! I looked over to see what all the commotion was about and there they were… 3 of the most beautiful sows you have ever seen. I don’t know their mum’s name but I remembered theirs – Buttercup, Daisy and Georgie 8-?

I was just sitting admiring their long, sleek hair when I noticed another three piggies directly opposite me. They were all so friendly squeaking away at me… I found out their names Jasmine, Squeaky and Rusty. Only then did Buttercup squeak up to tell me Rusty is a boar, not a girl… I thought it was all too good to be true, my dreams shattered and torn to bits… who am I kidding, this is fantastic! A boar to talk to and 5 sows to flirt with!
I am in piggy heaven 🙂

My foster mummy took lots of pictures of them getting stuck into their tea (which incidently – they were fed before me 8-O)



Squeaky and Jasmine enjoying their tea



Buttercup also having tea



Daisy having ReadiGrass earlier

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