Christmas time is upon us!

I’ve been having a really fabulous time with our latest piggies.

Midge, Midnight and Beauty arrived first but unfortunately they’ve gone home now but they were such fun! They needed to have extra spinach after breakfast because that’s what they are used to, which meant we all had an extra something too…I really miss having them here…

Then came Coco, Holly and Ben. They have photos in the gallery so you can see just how beautiful the sows are and how handsome the boar is… he’s almost as nice as me.

They’ve gone home now too so the guinea pig house is a little quiet but it’s allowed my forever mummy to give it a good clean and get it ready for the Christmas bookings, which I think must be pretty soon because she’s also started to put up decorations…this is done every year for a few weeks and then taken down until the following year…I’m not too sure about that tradition but I do love the tradition of everyone getting Christmas presents!

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