Day to Day!

Well, half term has been and gone. It went by without any fuss, just the usual hay delivery, veg deliveries and lots and lots of cuddles all round, so nothing out of the ordinary except we did have the sunshine, now that was extraordinary!

We spent most of our days sunbathing, eating grass if we could be bothered, and then we went back inside the guinea pig house to cool down with fans on and extra-large pieces of melon.

We had a few trios during the week which has been lovely, and lots of boars who had sadly lost their forever friends in the beginning of the year, so I made sure that I squeaked even louder for them so they weren’t lonely.

Barney won the award for heaviest piggy this time, beating Mono by a whisker!

Matilda and Sophie won the award for best behaved piggies whilst having pampering… and I won the award for laziest piggy of the week, what can I say, I’m a natural!

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