Old friends

Pip and Pepper came inside for a play yesterday so I managed to get a chance to wheek and squeak with them 🙂 I think they are very, very brave for living outside without a boar to look after them, especially when it’s dark!

Snowbelle and Penelope don’t say much or do much either; they just sit and eat, and eat and sit and they don’t run around much, even when they are outside, they just eat and sit and sit and eat 🙂

Molly is back for her hols and has brought along a new friend called Rupert. He’s a slim, sleek piggy because he does run around alot!

Nibbles and Munch have arrived for their hols and a pamper package…now that is going to take some time, have you seen the amount of hair they have? It looks like it’s exploded on the top of their heads!! Poppy seems quite taken with them, I wonder if she’ll still like them once they lose all their hair 😛

Fudge and Coco are back…along with Kirsite and Poppy…I know, more sows, we just get rid of some and more arrive! We really need an influx of boars, so if any boars fancy a holiday, please come and save me!

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