More piggies in November!

It was lovely to see Rosie, Jeremy, Star and Twinkle again, even if it was a little noisy 😉

Harry Higgs, Jagger, Pip and Simon Squeak all came back for a visit…I’m particularly fond of Harry who’s on a low calcium and low silica diet, which means I got to eat the extra food that would have gone in his dish…happy days! Percy came back for a short break but slept a lot of the time, so I didn’t get a chance to find out what he’s been up to, other than that his teeth are much better now.

Jasper & Truffle came for another holiday too, they are a lovely pair of piggies and I do hope they come back again soon so that I can have a good catch up with them!

Valentino came back for a short break and a little pampering before he meets a new forever friend, I hope they get on because he really needs someone to chase around  😀 Matilda & Sophie came for a pamper day, they spent most of it chatting to Poppy about sow things and I didn’t get a look in with either of them…sometimes I think Poppy does this on purpose to keep me away from all the lovely sows!

Elsa & Cream Puff came back for their holidays along with a new friend called Puck. They get on really well together even if they are a little bit loud at meal times, but thankfully Star & Twinkle had gone home by then so it wasn’t too noisy really!

Doris & Lottie, Lofty & Jerry, Scampi & Mushroom, and Rosie & Matilda all came for a bit of pampering too, so my forever mummy has been kept very busy 🙂

Hopefully things are getting quieter now though, so we can all have a lounge around in the hay 😀

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