All Change!

Well, not every little piggy is going home, but it sure does feel like it’s a piggies ‘in’ and piggies ‘out’ sort of a week 😉

Ollie & Brownie, Chip & Sylvester and Mali & Bambi are here for their second holiday of the Summer. This year, instead of one long holiday, they’re having lots of holidays, lucky, lucky piggies!

Bernie, Polga Pammy & Leia are sadly no longer a group of four, but after some ingenious engineering on my forever mummy’s part, they can still come for a holiday and live side by side (she put the divider in). So, all four can still see each other, and squeak together but not fight – see ingenious 😉

Rocket & Spike are enjoying customizing their cage, according to Grandma, but it just looks like they’re having fun making a mess to me, it really doesn’t look that different to mine.

Alfie & Ziggy had a relaxing holiday this year, eating hay, sleeping in hay, that sort of thing. Gingersnap & Cupcake have just arrived for their hols and we are waiting on a few more arrivals today, as I’ve been told to be on my best behaviour by Poppy!

Daisy, Pixie & Poppy and Fluffy & Cole are coming to the end of their holidays, good job too, as I was beginning to worry about where the new arrivals were going to fit in!

Have to dash and claim my bit of fresh grass before Poppy eats it all!

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