Pamper packages!

We’ve had lots of pampering going on in July, and I mean lots! Every other day there seemed to be a different piggy having his/her hair cut to within an inch of its little life, nails getting trimmed, and then trimmed some more, ears and eyes being checked over, boys “bits” being cleaned, grease glands cleaned, yes it’s all been going on around here.

Thankfully my forever mummy has been so busy doing all the other piggies that she hasn’t noticed that my derriere is in need of a good clean too…I’m not sure how it gets so dirty, I just lay around like the others, but because I’m a magnificent white colour every speck of dirt stands out so much more on me than it does on the others! They have murky brown colours for their bums, but it’s a small price I have to pay for being such a stunning piggy  😉 

I’m quite happy to say that me and my dirty derriere will remain together for a little longer because that’s it for pampering now until the end of August (unless you’ve already booked in for it with your holiday). Pampering will resume as normal in September.

See ya,

Winter x