Piggy Holidays -part one

Sadly, Gingersnap and Cupcake, Cocoa and Willow, Scampi and Mushroom, Speedy and Nibbles, Elmo, Smokey and Valentino, Frankie, Benny and Barney, Kirstie and Poppy and Apple and Pears have all gone home after their Summer holidays, but it did make room for the new influx of visitors 😀

Rocky and Rodger are a young pair of boars who like to have a run around. They don’t sleep much but have the cutest squeak and wheek when it’s meal time!

Tuppence and Miranda are back for their hols, they too like to have a run around and are very good at keeping the grass short!

Holly and Fenti love outdoor play, indoor play, cuddle times and meal time, they are just a lovely pair of piggies 🙂

Harriet and Lottie, and Lottie and Tilly are two groups of sows. They have come on holiday soley with the intention of confusing me with their names, it’s a good job they look nothing alike!

Monty and Lloyd are a fabulous pair of boars, who are lovely to squeak with at night, as they sit on top of their log roll and we can see each other prefectly… I might try it myself one day, see if I like the view!

My paws are a little tired now so I’m off to rest for a while, I’ll write up the next batch later 🙂

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