Happy Easter!

Most of our holiday boarders are now here and settling in well.

Herman arrived first, he’s enjoyed sitting in his cage watching everyone arrive today. Then Giggles and Brian arrived, they are an elderly couple of piggies, but still have a spring in their step. Next came Polga, Wilma, Mungo and Chip, Chip has won lots of awards for being a piggy, maybe I should have put the red carpet out, like I do for Lady Rose?

Harriet and Lottie arrived early afternoon for another holiday. They are as beautiful as ever and Poppy started wheeking to them straight away, sows seem to have plenty to wheek and squeak about 😛

Blackjack and Oreo have arrived for their first holiday with us, as they are only 8 weeks old and so, so, small…I certainly don’t remember being THAT small!

Frankie, Benny and Barney arrived next, full of the joys of spring and dived straight into their hay pile…maybe I’ll get a chance to squeak with them later and finally Stella and Vivienne turned up…only saw them last week too, but Poppy had heaps to tell them, that’s sows for you I suppose 😉

Thorn, Charlie, Maisie, Willow and Bramble have gone home today too, so it’s been all go here…I think I need a lie down in my hay pile now.

Have a lovely Easter 😀

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