Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to work we go…

After a busy few months to the start of the year, it was decided by a unanimous vote that the piggies would have a much-needed rest for the following few months, and not bother with blogs, or yoga or anything that was too much like hard work, so we did! We had a lovely time just relaxing in the sun, chomping on grass and generally just lazing around as piggies do.

We are back to it now though with Ruby organising yoga for our piggy guests, Winter overseeing all the pampering that gets done, whilst keeping her paws crossed that she doesn’t get her own bum washed clean!

Summer is munching on the grass, as usual, making sure that the lawnmower doesn’t need to make an appearance and I’m catching up on the paperwork and blog posting so that things keep running smoothly.

Guests have been popping in and out throughout May, June and July for holidays and pampering, but that’s just the usual now, although there’s been a flurry of dishwashing, steam cleaning, and towel drying going on ready for the August guest arrivals.

So that’s us all caught up with the action around here for now!

Hilton x