Groups galore!

The piggy house is splitting at the seams. There are piggies everywhere you look! 

It’s getting overrun by groups, which is all good because I love piggy groups, the more the merrier. It makes for a brilliant midnight party on Saturdays, even without Star to dish out the carrot cava 😂

There’s us obviously, then there’s pick ‘n’ mix, so-called because they’re such a random bunch of piggies that you ever did see! Then there’s Douggie and his sows, Pammy, Leia & Arya, then next door to them there’s Foxy and his sows, Miep, Pixie, Ginny, Sandy & Coco, so that’s 18 piggies just in the groups!

It’s great fun when we all get out on the grass because we have races to see who can eat our patch of grass the quickest, so far, Foxy & co win every time though because they have 6 in their group, maybe we should add some to ours to give us a fighting chance?!

I’m off to finish the plans for our group party, any piggies are welcome as long as you have 3 or more in your holiday home to join in the fun, otherwise, it’s a no, nada, not a chance, you’ll just have to organise your own party! But do it quietly, don’t let any slaves know about the goings on here or else you’ll never be allowed to come on holiday again because they’re the ones that are supposed to be having fun on their holidays!

Bye for now,

Hilton xx