Summer is finally here…

…not our Summer, but actually Summer season for piggies!

What a busy start to August we are having!

Last week was definitely recuperating boarding, rather than holiday boarding, as a lot of the piggies that were here had brought along suitcases of medicines with them to help them get better! You might think that this was sad, but quite the contrary because when it was medicine time for the other piggies, it was snack time for us because my forever mummy is a soft touch and can’t resist a wheeking piggy 😉

The recuperating piggies have all gone home now and taken what’s left of their medicines with them, which has made room for more piggies to arrive to enjoy their holidays!

We have a new hunky chunk called Teddy who brought along his friend Bella. He is such a hunky chunk that I think he is rivalling Bailey for the top slot in the weighing in book, more on that later in the week when I get around to checking the weights 😊

Chip & Sly are back for another short break, it doesn’t seem like two minutes since I was waving goodbye to them the last time! Tao & Belle have been and gone on another short break holiday, along with Ezra & Theo.

All the big groups have now gone home, so I thought I’d get a bit of peace and quiet, but then Vinnie, Holly & Nutmeg arrived, followed shortly after by Rattie, Hettie, Gloria & Pebbles, so I should say that we have new groups in!

We are working our way pretty quickly through the lovely green hay, and the vegetable shopping is a daily occurrence, but that doesn’t worry me as I’m not the one having to go shopping, my job is just to fit it in the fridge! This is easy for me because I eat whatever I can’t fit in 😂

Much love to you all,