Happy Easter!

We’ve had a lovely first week of Easter, meeting lots of new friends and catching up with the old ones; that’s all I seem to do nowadays 😉

Unfortunately for my forever mammy, the grass has had to be manually cut this Easter as the weather hasn’t been good enough for us piggies to get out there and earn our keep. My forever grandma has brought us lots of fresh grass daily and the odd dandelion too so we’ve managed okay 😁

Poppy has enjoyed herself squeaking away to the group of sows at the back of the piggy house…I’m not sure who was squeaking the loudest!At least the single boars were housed near me so I didn’t have to squeal too loudly to them!

Have to dash and let the hay delivery in…ah the thought of freshly cut hay, simply delicious!




Edited to add:

We’re very sad to say that Poppy has gone to rainbow bridge  We adopted her back in 2012 to come live with Nosey and they’ve been very much in love ever since. We’ll miss her a lot 



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