Monthly Round-up!

January is nearly over and I think we are all doing a sterling job of writing the blog on behalf of Nosey, don’t you?!

Nosey is very grateful and enjoying his days in the hay with Bluebell and Martha.

I’m happy because it’s keeping Ruby very busy organising everything, Winter is busy keeping an eye on the pampering sessions and Summer just lazes near the food dish ready and waiting for her next meal. All this leaves me lots of time to laze in the hay by myself, in peace, alone, and getting some shut-eye. As you can imagine living with three noisy sows doesn’t leave me with much of that usually, so I’m very grateful to Nosey for keeping them all busy with the blog!

My forever mummy and grandma tried to have a bit of a rest after the Christmas madness and are now raring to go looking after more piggies, while their slaves go on holiday, have renovations done, give birth to little humans, you name it, we hear all sorts of stories at our ‘midnight meetings’ with the guests.

That’s the name Ruby has made up for our nightly meet ups where we all catch up on the going’s on in each other’s homes since the last time they came on holiday, sometimes this can be as much as a year so as you can imagine there’s a lot to catch up on!

Join me next month where you can catch up too!


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