Getting back to normal :)

Yay! More hay has been delivered! We do get through it, but then again as the main part of our diet you’d expect that wouldn’t you?!

The piggies have started to come for pamper packages again so it’s all go in the guinea pig house. Cupcake wriggled and jiggled about until she got some sweetcorn to nibble on, but Rosie and Matilda were very well behaved young sows and stayed perfectly still – silly really because they didn’t get as much sweetcorn! I’ve managed to avoid being ‘done’ so please keep my forever mummy busy or she might start on me and I don’t have much hair to begin with 😮

The guinea pig house is having a spring clean, the smell of disinfectant is lovely and when the steam cleaner is on, it’s like having a sauna…I don’t mind that kind of pampering 🙂

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