New Year, New You?

Ruby here, hope you are all as well as we are. I say this because we are very well at the moment because I’m sorting out the piggy diet sheets as I write this, yes, I’m a sow piggy which means I can multitask to perfection!

As well as taking over a successful blog and the guinea pig house, I also need to keep my piggy group in order and just looking around here, they are desperately in need of some order! Winter definitely needs a bath to remove that yellow stain on her bottom, I’m pretty sure it’s all over her legs too, she really lets the side down. Then there’s Summer, she really must try to lose a bit of her tummy weight, with it being the new year,  and I’ve noticed Hilton is following in her pawsteps, maybe I should start up an exercise class for them, obviously, I’ll be the instructor… maybe I’ll do piggy yoga, yes that sounds like a plan… [starts to google piggy yoga workout clothes]

We don’t have long until the summertime, according to our Gertie’s calendar, when we can be out sunbathing in the long grass, not long at all and I have such a lot to do. Firstly, I need to print off the diet sheets, count up how many new water bottles we need (I may have to borrow Hilton’s paws as well as my own) and now organise a yoga class, yes such a lot to do to get into shape for Summer!

Bye for now,