Piggies Galore!

Oh my! It’s getting rather full in here, but thankfully I can escape (with Poppy) and get outside for some peace and quiet!

Wesley and Co are still here getting louder by the day, demanding breakfast, hay and Readigrass, in rotation throughout the day…but the surprising thing is, they get it, so after much observation, Poppy and I are going to try out their technique and see if we get a never ending supply too 😛

Sponge is still chilling out, he’s even better at it than me!

Hilton and Harry have been a huge success and have moved into an outside hutch for the day time, which they appear to love, (probably because they have peace and quiet).

Carrie and Annie are back for their holidays. They’ve fitted in very well and join in the morning chorus for breakfast 🙂

Holly and Rosie are back for a pamper today and they’ve brought a new friend along with them called Pip. Pip is very tiny in comparison with the sows, but I’m going to give him some tips on keeping them in check…or maybe Wesley should do that 😉

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