The Summer is fading…

The Summer rush is over now and our days are taking on a more relaxed approach, although we still have guests arriving, it’s not in the frenzy of Summer, a much more laid back approach I feel 🙂

Carrie and Annie are back for their holidays, they look much the same as last time really, just two masses of walking hair, I think Poppy is rather jealous of it to be honest! 😛

Toffee and Magpie have arrived for their holidays, which is very good, because they can replace Ginge and Tubbs so the boar count hasn’t gone down after all! They, too are a mass of hair, which I’m not jealous about at all; it must get in their way when they are eating and drinking, and all that trailing on the ground must be a real drag…no, no I’m not jealous! 😕

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