Piggies here, piggies there, piggies everywhere!!

My, oh my, we are over run with piggies in my opinion…I can’t hear myself think, let alone hear myself talking to the piggies!

We have some very noisy squeakers and wheekers in at the minute, but my forvever mummy seems to love them, but then again she doesnt have to live with them 😯

It seems like all the older, subdued, (lazy) piggies have gone home now and we’ve had an influx of young, sprightly things that just don’t know when to sleep or be quiet…I’m obviously going to have to train them up 🙂

There are so many names, alot seem to be similar, we have 3 Cocos in and two Lottie/Lottys…which makes it even more difficult for me, not that I’m getting old or anything…I’m just past being a young whippersnapper myself 😛

I’ll give you the full run down later, as it’s time for outdoor play and I have to be fast to make sure I get the best run with the longest grass…survival of the fittest around here you know 😎

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