Half Term Piggies!

The holiday piggies have been arriving over the last few days, and what a bunch of beauties they are!

First to arrive were Flynn, Patch and Pumpkin, but they brought another friend with them too, called Cassidy. I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life!! She has no hair at all, moves very slowly and carries a shell around with her all day, a peculiar carry on if you ask me!

Next came Bailey, who just got into his cage and carried on as if he hadn’t left since the last time. He has his treats hung up and has brought his teddies and made himself right at home 😀

Fuzzy Keith & Flash Gordon and Willow, Cinnamon, Sienna, Pixie & Rosie arrived next for a weekend break. They settled in quickly, loving the hay piles and treats. They’re not as noisy as I expected them to be so it’s been a quiet few days 🙂

Maggie, Kiki & Sally are here for their first holiday with us and they’ve settled in well too. They are the cutest of piggies in my opinion, as they have big floppy ears! Mali & Bambi are also back, these two are definitely one spoilt pair of piggies because I’ve lost count of how many holidays they’ve had this year  😃 

I thought that was plenty of arrivals so I decided to have a quick nap in the hay, but when I woke up Scarper, Peaches & Cream, and Emily & Thomasina had arrived too!

That’s all for now because I need to rest before I meet and greet the next lot of piggies! 


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