The New Piggies

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and a good start to the new year!

So, I’ve been waiting for things to quieten down in the guinea pig house before letting the piggies introduce themselves to you but it’s taken quite a while. There’s no wonder I’m so tired is there?!

Ruby: I’m the oldest of the group! Well, I show the most common sense so I definitely behave as if I’m the oldest of the four of us, I keep everyone in check with one look, and I’m assertive and show leadership qualities but I’m definitely not bossy, no matter what Winter says!

Hilton: I’m the proud leader of the group, I tell everyone when food is here, show them where the cushion is so that they can lay on it or under it, whichever they prefer to do. I sleep in a corner of the hay, not necessarily the same corner, but I do get a corner to sleep in when the girls have decided where they are going to sleep, and of course, I adore my girls!

Summer: Goodness me, couldn’t this wait? I still had some corn on the cob left to eat! I look a lot like Hilton, but I’m much cuter and have dreamier eyes! Can I go back to my corn now?

Winter: I wanted to say hello first but Ruby insisted she had to go first, but anyway I’m the slender, white piggy with the gorgeous eyes. I’ll give you the real rundown on everyone else too; Ruby is the bossy pig, Summer is the one with the biggest tummy and bum and Hilton, oh Hilton is just a dear, who lets us all run rings around him.

Well, there you have it, not such a bad bunch and I’m sure they’ll tell you all the ins and outs of living in the guinea pig house, while I live the life of a retired piggy, which is basically eating and sleeping for longer than I usually do 😁And so you know who’s who, here they all are: