Half term mayhem!

Well half term has been and gone thank goodness…I need a holiday myself! I don’t think anyone realises how much hard work goes into socialising with all these piggies!

Daisy and Nutmeg stayed for the full week, in fact they’re still here now, they’re a quiet pair of girls until they get gossiping with Poppy that is!

Ginge came back for a luxury break in a 6ft. Daisy, Pixie & Poppy came for their holidays and pampering, they looked beautiful when they went home…it made me start to think about having more piggies to join me and Poppy, but Poppy says NO!

Gingey & Fluffy have grown so much since last time, but still just as fluffy! Booboo, Cookie & Conker Junior and Arthur & Spicey came for Spa Days and Fudge & Smudge came for  pamper packages. Carrot & Coco came for holidays and pampering, along with Black Jack & Oreo.It was lovely to see Thomasina & Emily again too, they’ve grown so much since the last time I saw them.

Midnight brought her new forever friend Hugo, he may be new to Midnight but he’s an old friend to me because he used to come on holiday with Val, so I’m really happy that I still get to see him and that Midnight has found a new friend, just need Val to find one too now!

Coco came back for another holiday and brought along Bambi. Bambi turned out to be a very loud squeaker, not a problem you might think, but they were in the cage under me and Poppy, so I pleaded with my forever mummy to feed them first and that did the trick!


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