Strange Day!

What a funny day we’ve had today! We were all wide awake early as usual but we had breakfast super early too and then went into our carriers. Poppy and I got very excited because we thought we were going on an outing, but no, not really; we got carried up the path and spent time in the big house!

We all had indoor play in the sitting room, kitchen, hallway and bedrooms…the only room we didn’t get to go in was the bathroom, because Ralph and Flo were having their baths 🙂

We all spent a good few hours in the big house with my forever mummy and grandma, it was lovely, if a little out of the ordinary.

We’re all back in the guinea pig house now and have had tea, but it doesn’t look the same, something has changed, but I’m not sure what…but don’t worry I’ll get to the bottom of it after I’ve eaten more hay 😛

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