It Comes In Threes…

Goodness me, what a time we’ve had!

 If you’re reading this, then it must mean that all the technological problems have been well and truly put to rights.

The poor half term piggies didn’t have any photos in their galleries for most of half term and the archive piggies had just vanished, totally disappeared, but they are back now so feel free to pop into the archives and see all of the beautiful piggies for yourself 😍

Today we had a plumbing emergency just before piggies were due to arrive for pampering, but it was soon fixed and pampering was done and dusted shortly afterwards, Lottie and Doris looked particularly lovely and smelled divine!

My forever Grandma is now muttering on about everything happening in threes and that we should expect another disaster soon…I personally had one at teatime when I didn’t get any parsley, but grandma said that that wasn’t what she meant! It sure was disastrous for me as I’d been looking forward to it all day!

Anyway, to get back to half term, we all had a lovely lazy time in the hay and eating our favourite veggies (we had lots of parsley in stock that week) and spending lots of time squeaking with each other. It was lovely to catch up with old friends and make some new ones 😀

Now we are gearing up for the Easter holidays and keeping all paws crossed that we don’t have any more technical problems!


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