Hectic Half Term!

Half term is very nearly upon us, and we’ve had a flurry of piggies arriving for their holidays  🙂

Frankie arrived a few days ago, with the sad news that Benny had gone over the rainbow bridge 🙁 He’s now known as Frankie the Brave; because he’s being very brave about it all! He’s also asked for some pampering while he’s here. Honestly, these boars just never listen, I’ve given them all my top tips of how to avoid pampering at all costs, but they still have it done!

Caramel and Fudge are in today for a pamper package. Haircut, baths and nails trimmed – they smell absolutely divine!

Vincent arrived with his sows, the beautiful Holly and Nutmeg, or is it Nutmeg and Holly? I absolutely adore them both equally, so I don’t suppose it matters, please don’t let Poppy know I wrote that!

Rosie and Earny are back for a leisurely break, these piggies really fit in well with me, as they eat and sleep a lot too!

Handsome Harry is back for his hols too, although I don’t know why he’s acquired that nickname because I think brown pigs are just as handsome as silver agoutis, don’t you agree?

Anyway I must dash and make sure I get my fair share of afternoon hay, it certainly wouldn’t do for Poppy to eat it all 😮

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