Half Term Holidays

We’ve had a lovely break, well over 2 weeks I think! I’ve been counting the days as I’ve only had Hilton and his harem, Blackie & Roger, and of course my lovely Poppy for company. For a social piggy like me, that’s just not enough! I like the comings and goings of all the piggy guests  😀 

Our first guests of 2018 are Alfie & Ziggy. Their forever parents are having renovations done, and Alfie & Ziggy are just too old for all that; they like the peace and quiet, so they’ve come to stay with us for a bit  🙂

It doesn’t bother me why the piggies come to stay with us, I just love to catch up on all their stories since I last saw them…it does get tedious squeaking to Hilton and his Harem about the same things over and over again.

Handsome Harry has been back and had a little pampering done too. Now I’m off to go and meet and greet all our half term piggy guests  🙂 

Squeak soon!

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