New website!

Well, after many, many weeks without a computer due to my forever mummy using it to complete the new website, I’m very pleased to say…I’m backkkkk!

Such a lot has been happening around here, we’ve been inundated with pamper packages and Spa days, so I’ve managed to have a pleasant summer without any fuss about my pampering getting done at all, although I’ve heard rumours that I’m booked in for early September…

We’ve had lots of old friends come back for their holidays and lots of new friends have been made too throughout the summer – it’s been really good fun!

The brand spanking new website is up and running now as you can see so please feel  free to have a good look around, there’s a reviews page, hundreds and hundreds of photos of beautiful piggies in the galleries, and a new info blog called Piggy Scene, but I don’t think it will be as interesting as mine!   Please feel free to share, comment and pop back as often as you want to.



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